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Do you want to become a member of UAK?

Admission of new members to UAK normally takes place at the start of the fall semester, following an audition. The choir sometimes needs to fill vacancies or temporarily increase its size on a project basis. Use the form below to apply for membership in UAK and/or for a temporary position if a vacant position should become available during the academic year. In case you have any questions, please email

As a member of UAK you are expected to have solid experience of choir singing and be able to read sheet music. The choir has a fixed number of seats in each part, however we can sometimes offer longer or shorter temporary positions, which can be a good way to get acquiainted with UAK. The choir has regular rehearsals every Monday evening in the academic semesters. It is also common to add one or two rehearsal days in weekends leading up to concerts.

Read more about the audition


Register your interest for a position in UAK using the form below. We will contact you about the next upcoming audition for your choral part. If you have any questions, please send an email to

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Describe briefly the choirs and ensembles you are singing with/have been singing with, as well as other singing experience. Also specify if you prefer the first or second soprano/alto/tenor/bass part.

Please specify if you would be interested in a temporary position if one should become available. You can also tell us about your studies or work, if you are relocating to Uppsala, musical instruments you play, and other interests.

About the audition

The audition includes the following parts:

The audition committee consists of UAK's conductor Stefan Parkman and a few members of the choir.