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Summer concert

June is the time of Nordic melancholy, portrayed again and again by the poets and sung in the songs. But it is not a sad and quiet melancholy we hear, but a jubilant one. It is often disguised in spiritual and otherworldly language, so as not to appear exaggerated, but no one can be fooled into thinking that it is anything other than the rebirth of nature that is being celebrated as we enter the midsummer season.

Yet in the cheerfulness there is a sadness that comes from the knowledge of life's transience and that summer will always be followed by winter. But as people of all ages have known, art is a cure for transience and a source of new life - ars longa, vita brevis.

Therefore, this summer concert offers music from the past and present by Anna Cederberg-Orreteg, David Wikander, Elfrida Andrée, Evert Taube and others, which in different ways depicts this jubilant melancholy.


Academy Chamber Choir of Uppsala

Rebecka Gustafsson, conductor

1 June 2024

Gottsunda church