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The Immortal Man

A summer's eve in troubled times

The earth is certainly dressed in pleasant green, but how can we celebrate the joys of summer in a world plagued by human evil and destruction? Perhaps because we live on hope and the belief in human goodness.

As the French poet Paul Eluard writes in one of his poems:

Yet beneath the reddened sky
Beneath the appetites for blood
Under the baleful famine
The cavern closed its mouth

The useful earth covered up
The graves dug in preparation
And the children lost their fear
Their fear of mysteries maternal

And madness and stupidity
Gave place, baseness too,
To men, brothers of men
No longer striving against living
Men, who will forever be immortal

The Academy Chamber Choir of Uppsala invites you to an early summer concert that in words and tone celebrates man in all his earthly fragility and heavenly holiness. The concert includes both Swedish choral poetry and Ukrainian church music as well as parts of Francis Poulenc's cantata "Figure Humaine".


Åsa Lansfors Lindblom, soprano

Hans Ove Olsson, piano

Academy Chamber Choir of Uppsala

Stefan Parkman, conductor

11 June 2022

Gottsunda church