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New Eyes on Baroque

What happens if you let a soprano, four jazz musicians, and a choir take on the Great Masters of the baroque?

Add to the mix one of the best choirs in Sweden which often performs works of the baroque, as well as contemporary music. Often at the same occasion.

New Eyes on Baroque treats the great masters with utmost respect. A recurring theme in the concert is the incredibly beautiful arrangements they created, breathing new life into these timeless compositions. Jeanette Köhn's beautiful soprano voice can be imagined as floating above it all. Two musical worlds, which are usually quite separate from each other, meet in an artistic and clever way.

The ensemble has received brilliant reviews around Europe for their concerts and the album "New Eyes on Baroque".


New Eyes on Baroque: Jeanette Köhn, soprano, Nils Landgren, trombone, Jonas Knutsson, saxophone, Eva Kruse, double bass, Johan Norberg, guitar

Academy Chamber Choir of Uppsala

Stefan Parkman, conductor

9 Nov