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All-Night Vigil by Sergei Rachmaninoff is on of the major masterpieces in the a cappella repertoire. The CD was released in 2016 with soloists Annika Hudak, mezzo soprano and Patrik Wallin, tenor. https://footprintrecords.com/artists/the-academy-chamber-choir-of-uppsala/.

Winter Sounds is a collection with a few of the traditional Christmas pieces, but more of a wide spectrum ranging from Poulenc to Benny Andersson, and premiers an arrangement by our vice-conductor Alexander Jan Öberg. Soloists are Karin Dahlberg, soprano and Andrew Canning, organ. https://footprintrecords.com/artists/the-academy-chamber-choir-of-uppsala/.

3 psalms contains Der 2. Psalm, Der 22. Psalm and Der 43. Psalm by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy along with Jaakko Mäntyjärvi’s reinterpretation of the same three texts. The CD is published by Footprint Records and is also on sale via their web page https://footprintrecords.com/artists/the-academy-chamber-choir-of-uppsala/.

Som ni behagar (As you like it) is a DVD recording of a performance based on Shakespeare texts at Uppsala castle 2011. Stina Ekblad och Carl Michael Bergerheim participates along with UAK, all led by Stefan Parkman.

St. John’s Passion – the DVD is a recording of UAK’s semi-theatrical rendering of St. John’s Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach, recorded at Uppsala Missionskyrka 2010.

Swedish a cappella I (sold out) contains parts of the classic Swedish choir repertoire, with music by Stenhammar, Wikander och Alfvén. Bengt Forsberg accompanies at the piano.

Swedish a cappella II, Paradiso, got its name from the Paradiso songs of Lars Edlund. It contains contemporary music by, among others, Edlund, Werle and Lidholm. Baritone solo Håkan Hagegård.

Laudi is the title of Swedish a cappella III containing sacred music. Among other pieces, a Swedish mass is performed, the parts composed by Jan Sandström, Sven-David Sandström, Torsten Nilsson, Jan Carlstedt och Lars Edlund.

Another recording from the nineties is our Christmas record (sold out), containing music we also perform at Advent concerts. Baritone solo Karl-Magnus Fredriksson.


Stemning: Romantic songs composed and arranged for choir by Alfvén, Peterson-Berger and Stenhammar.

Sorgemusik över Gustaf III. Funeral Music for Gustaf III.

Schnittke: Requiem BIS-CD-497

Laudate! Music from the Düben collection at the university library.